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Hilarious fake nude photos of Marilyn Monroe

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

It has been 47 years ago since the controversial sex symbol Marilyn Monroe was found dead inside her California home and the world mourned the passing of one of the biggest celebrity icons the world has ever known, but it sure is funny to learn that there are some who just couldn’t get enough of Marilyn and decided to come up with several images that you might find interesting so we decided to gather them and have it in our collection… and we’re talking about these zany fake nude photos of Marilyn that we have discovered along the way.

It is really wacky to see how some of her die-hard fans try to resurrect the lovely Marilyn by pasting her beautiful face on these unknown naked felines and come to think about it, it sure would be great if she was the one doing all those provocative poses at this time and age and I’m very much sure that Marilyn would make the grade, but hey, she’s after all the ultimate sex symbol of our times. Visit Marilyn Monroe Nude today and see all of ‘em fake images for you to enjoy.